Getting started with Astro (Book)

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Getting started with Astro teaches you everything you need to know about how to build sites and apps with Astro.

Who am I

Hi, my name is Robert Guss, and I have been working as a full-time senior software engineer for over 8+ years. I have taught over 44,000 students on Udemy and countless others via my site I am also the creator of the theme Creek, one of Astro's most popular blog themes.

Book Formats

The book comes in multiple formats: pdf, epub, mobi, HTML & Notion.

Sample chapter

You can view a sample chapter here.

What you will learn

  1. What makes Astro different from other frameworks
  2. Astro’s Island Architecture
  3. Astro components, pages, and layouts
  4. Static routes & dynamic routes
  5. How to work with remote data from both REST APIs and GraphQL APIs
  6. How to work with both markdown and MDX files

What will you build

  • This book has two projects.
  • In the first project, we will build a blog together as this is the best way, in my opinion, to learn all of Astro’s features.
  • We will first create our blog using markdown files
  • Then we will convert our markdown files to MDX
  • Then we will Install and setup Strapi CMS to use as our headless CMS
  • We will then learn how to fetch our blog posts from Strapi and render them in our Astro pages and components from a REST API
    • We will also learn how to generate dynamic routes from the Strapi REST API
  • Then we will learn how to use Strapi as a GraphQL API and render our posts in Astro using GraphQL
  • In the 2nd project, you will learn how to download a pre-built Astro theme and modify it to render your blog posts from Strapi CMS (REST API and GraphQL API).

Table of Contents

  • Astro Islands & what makes Astro different
  • Development setup & tools
  • How to install Astro and create your first site
  • Astro components
  • Layouts & pages
  • Static routes
  • Dynamic routes
  • Fetching remote data from APIs
  • Markdown & MDX
  • How to integrate UI frameworks, themes & tools
  • Content collections
  • Creating our markdown blog
  • Updating our blog posts to use MDX
  • Installing & setting up Strapi CMS
  • Rendering the blog posts from Strapi
  • Creating dynamic routes for each post
  • Using GraphQL in Strapi & Astro

GitHub repo & code included

All the code used in the book is included.


This book is regularly updated as the Astro team makes improvements and adds new features to the framework.

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Getting started with Astro (Book)

3 ratings
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