Getting started with Astro (Course)

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Getting started with Astro teaches you everything you need to know about how to build sites and apps with Astro.

Free book

This course is based upon my book Getting started with Astro which you will get a free copy of when you purchase this course. You can reference the book for code samples, screenshots, and additional information and resources.

Who am I, and why should you trust me?

What you will learn

  1. What makes Astro different from other frameworks
  2. Astro’s Island Architecture
  3. Astro components, pages, and layouts
  4. Static routes & dynamic routes
  5. How to work with remote data from both REST APIs and GraphQL APIs
  6. How to work with both markdown and MDX files

What will you build

  • This course has two projects.
  • In the first project, we will build a blog together as this is the best way, in my opinion, to learn all of Astro’s features.
  • We will first create our blog using markdown files
  • Then we will convert our markdown files to MDX
  • Then we will Install and setup Strapi CMS to use as our headless CMS
  • We will then learn how to fetch our blog posts from Strapi and render them in our Astro pages and components from a REST API
    • We will also learn how to generate dynamic routes from the Strapi REST API
  • Then we will learn how to use Strapi as a GraphQL API and render our posts in Astro using GraphQL
  • In the 2nd project, you will learn how to download a pre-built Astro theme and modify it to render your blog posts from Strapi CMS (REST API and GraphQL API).

GitHub repo & code included

All of the code used in the videos is available as a GitHub repo for your reference.


This course and my book are regularly updated as the Astro team makes improvements and adds new features to the framework.

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Getting started with Astro (Course)

0 ratings
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